Sears Silvertone Kentucky Blue Archtop Guitar Sweet

Vintage 1960s Silvertone by Harmony model 1429 Electric Hollowbody Guitar 1454
Vintage 1960s Silvertone by Harmony model 1429 Electric Hollowbody Guitar 1454
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 19901105751096570 Sears Silvertone Kentucky Blue Archtop Guitar Sweet

 Sears SILVERTONE KENTUCKY BLUE ARCHTOP Guitar. If you are looking at this then you most likely do not need any hype and BOY IS THIS ONE BLUE! Not one of the amazing fading/faded early green models.

This item listed is:
A very nice 1950s vintage Silvertone Kentucky Blue arch top acoustic guitar. It is in very good condition for its age, overall great appearance to the glossy finish, some scattered dings, frets are decent. Photos show the worst and only significant wear at the bottom back edge of the guitar.
The neck is straight and without any significant fret buzz that I have noticed.
Unlike many other examples of old inexpensive Silvertone archtops, the neck heel does not separate at all from the body when the strings are tuned, and the joint is very solid and stable. I believe this guitar to be completely original except for the strings. Also include is a VINTAGE end loading bag which fits the guitar snugly and zips shut completely and is just like one you could have gotten out of the catalog in the 50's. It is especially cool if you are a MICHIGAN STATE SPARTAN fan! go green and white!

The following modern upgrades has been performed.
The neck has been neatly drilled to accommodate a Kent Armstrong THINLINE humbucking pickup which can attach to the guitar neck by only 2 small screws into each side of the fretboard so you can operate this as a modified electric version if you wish. There is NO PICKUP included.  A  regular Kent Armstrong humbucking pickup will not work as it sits too high and the strings will contact the pickup when fretted so it MUST be a THINLINE pickup. There are 3 holes shown which accommodate what I believe to be a correct replacement/aftermarket pick guard (not shown in the photos). This white pick guard which will be included in the sale has two pots (volume and tone) installed and they have two cream colored knobs which match the guitar well. There is an added combination endpin jack/strap button wired in at the base of the guitar (as shown in the photos). The wires are currently taped together inside the body and would run out the f-hole to the underside of the included pickguard and need to be soldered to the pots if you wish to use as an electric. There is also a strap button installed at the heel so that along with the endpin jack/strap button combo the guitar is set up to play with a strap.

So if you wished to operate this as a cool electric/acoustic you would need to purchase a THINLINE NECK MOUNT pickup and solder it and the endpin jack wires to the pots and then attach the pick guard to the guitar with the mounting hardware which will be included. This work was done previous to my ownership and it did work electrically but frankly I didn’t like it much cause I am a lefty and I found it got in my way and it didn’t have a THINLINE pickup so I removed it and put the pickup on a project guitar.

For more information on this model guitar visit:

Overall one of the finer examples if a person is lucky enough to run across.

Many know me here on ebay as a well respected seller of vintage and collectible lp records and I have always striven to have one of the best reputations on ebay and in the pacific northwest. I am currently in Ionia Michigan helping my elderly father and really had no intention of conducting any ebay business until I return to Seattle at the end of Sept. I have run into some issues with my father's home that have exceeded the cost that I budgeted this summer for repairs. So here I am listing 3 of the instruments I have stored here in Michigan for ONE TIME ONLY for the last month I am here. If they don’t sell don’t expect them to be relisted as I will have already gone back to Seattle, and will store them here to play next summer when I return and will have secured funding through other methods at that point.

PLEASE NOTE!: this is a vintage used instrument. It is not perfect but it is one of the nicer ones I have ever seen available for sale. The ebay system photos CANNOT show the detail like I normally do when using my own seller program and site to post photos. I can email you higher res photos if you wish. It does have wear and aging as shown. I am only selling this to use the money IMMEDIATELY for a greater purpose and therefore THERE ARE NO RETURNS!!!! please consider this fact carefully BEFORE you chose to bid. I do not hide defects nor am I trying to foist off an inferior instrument on an unsuspecting buyer. I want this to be one of the best transactions you have ever made so please communicate to me any questions or concerns. Right now I am only shipping in the US but would consider elsewhere if you ask. Also because I am not in Seattle at my business my shipping cost/time is increased due to the fact I might have to purchase packaging etc. It is not my intention to gouge on shipping but I had to estimate to the best I can to cover packaging, full insurance and SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION as required by paypal. If my cost is less than quoted I have no problem shooting you back the difference. But if this is an issue for you then it is ok to choose not to deal with me. Also I am listing this locally so if someone wants to buy it here then I will end the listing without notice.
Peace and Blessings-Leon

Please email with any further questions or call me at 206-854-9867.
Thanks for looking, Peace and Blessings-Leon

 19901105751096571 Sears Silvertone Kentucky Blue Archtop Guitar Sweet

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