Guyatone Lg140t Teisco Silvertone Norma Surf Guitar


This one is really cool!


A 1965 Guyatone LG140T

labelled for the Bradford brand.


This is the ultimate Surf guitar players guitar

with 4 pickups, tremolo, lead/rhythm switches,

thumb wheel tone rollers and on/off switches

for each pickup.


The guitar is in very nice original condition.

The finish is an antique white that has mellowed

over the years and has substantial crazing

thoughout that gives it a beautiful vintage vibe.


All electronics function flawlessly.

All switches glide smoothly and the pots have

been cleaned and have no scratching or buzz.


This guitar is exact in scale to my 1968 Stratocaster and has the neck profile of an early 60's Fender C shape.



The neck finish is near flawless with one

minor scuff mid way on the back.

The frets have little to no wear and are

tall and even.

The rosewood slab fretboard has no wear or grooves and a tight even wood grain

and measures 1 3/4" at the nut and 2 1/8"

at the body.


The guitar is perfectly suitable for either

lead or rhythm players and plays/bends without

buzz in every position up the neck.


Original tuners are 6 in-line open back type

and keep tune even when using the tremolo bar.


Art Deco style chrome pickguard.

50's style white adjustable bridge.

Spotless chrome tremolo.

Alnico pickups neck.

Ceramic pickups bridge with adj pole pieces!

Original 50/60's style Guyatone Art Deco knobs.


As with most 60's era Japanese guitars,

the electronics are funky and Space Aged.

This one goes above and beyond.


4 pickups with individual on/off switches

for each create a wide variety

of accessible tones.


The pickups are wired grouped front 2 and back 2

with separate volume controls for the front 2

as well as the back 2 pickups.

Each set also has a lead/rhythm switch

and thumb wheel tone roller that is actuated

when the lead/rhythm switch is

in the lead position.

 This makes for endless possibilities

and fantastic tone! 

Mathematically it's 33 different pickup settings...

I think...but math makes my brain sad :(


After messing with the settings and playing

through a Blackface Deluxe Reverb,

I easily achieved every tone of a vintage Strat,

Jazzmaster and Jaguar...bright lead...

crunchy mids...butt rumbling bass...

hollow echoy tones perfect for slide...

great rhythm tones that will really cut.


The action is fast and low and makes for

easy dive bombing.

The ultimate Surf Guitar!


The nut and bridge have a nice radius.

The bridge is set at mid height with plenty

of room to raise or lower to your desired action.


This is a really cool guitar with great balance,

comfortable weight and tons of style!


Feel free to email with any questions

or for a hands on description!


Shipping costs have gone up with rising

gas prices, but we do our best to ship

as cheaply as possible.


We ship guitars and amps professionally

packed and insured via FedEx.


Good Luck and Happy Surfin' !


the neck has perfect relief and the guitar is

currently set up with 9's and to Fender

factory specs for action and neck relief.






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